Co-Occurrence #8 – Emotion is the Highlighter of Learning: Using Reflection and AI to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences (EP.31)

Co-Occurrence #8 – Emotion is the Highlighter of Learning: Using Reflection and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences  (EP.31)
With Leticia Britos Cavagnaro Ph.D.

How can we use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance learning and reflection? What are the benefits and challenges of using “AI bots”, generative AI, and other emerging technologies in education? How can we foster a culture of curiosity and experimentation among educators and learners in the face of rapid technological change?  Author, AI Experimenter, and Assistant Professor at Stanford University’s, Dr. Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, joins Stacy Craft on this episode and shares her insights and experiences on reflection as a practice, a process, and a skill that can help learners make sense of their experiences as well as the possibilities AI is producing for new pathways to meaningful learning experiences. The discussion also explores using AI to facilitate reflection, and the importance of designing AI tools that are ethical, transparent, and aligned with the pedagogical goals, and concerns and considerations around AI.

This episode is the eighth installment of our limited series, “Co-Occurrence,” featuring conversations exploring AI and related technologies as well as possible, probably and actual impacts on education. From discussions around what we know, what we hope for, and what is happening concretely today – this limited series will give you some things to ponder and actionable takeaways.

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