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Short Bite: Moving Your Classroom Online Quickly (EP:15)

Short Bite: Moving Your Classroom Online Quickly (EP:15)
With Stacy Craft, M.Ed & Metta Kuehntopp, M.Ed.

We revisit our last topic and condense it for you into a short bite. Learn about all the great strategies from the full episode, condensed into less than ten minutes. Across the globe, educators are being asked to move their curricula online practically overnight. This can be a very stressful challenge. Don’t fret though! There are some things that just about everyone can do to help make the transition a little smoother, and maintain some of the spirit of your original brick and mortar classroom. In this episode, Senior Instructional Designers Metta Kuehntopp and Stacy Craft summarize some of the things that you can do today to make this move. 

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