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Writing Quality Multiple Choice Questions – Theories, Tips, and the Titanic (EP:10)

Patti ShankWriting Quality Multiple Choice Questions – Theories, Tips, and the Titanic (EP:10)
With Patti Shank, PhD.

Multiple choice questions are ubiquitous in education. We all use them, and they are essential to assessing and gathering data of all sorts. But, are we doing it right? What does the research show about what we need to be doing better? In this episode, award winning author, former eLearning Guild Research Director, and education expert Patti Shank, PhD, chats with Stacy Craft about what it takes to create quality multiple choice questions, how to validate them, and why it is so important to outcomes. From immediate tips you can start using today to an in depth exploration of all things multiple choice – who knew there was so much to ponder about the art of multiple choice questions?

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