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Caring and Education – From Theory to Practice in Adult Education (EP:09)

Whitney Kilgore Phd.Caring and Education – From Theory to Practice in Adult Education (EP:09)
With Whitney Kilgore, PhD.

The ethics of care, often referred to as “Care Theory”, is a theory and philosophy that encompasses the human experience as a whole. Pioneered by educationalist and philosopher Nel Noddings with the publication of her book “Caring” in 1982 along with continued work thereafter, Care Theory asks us to re-frame our approach to each other and our experiences through the lens of caring. But, why does this matter and how does it intersect with pedagogy and adult education? In this episode, iDesign co-founder, author, faculty, and researcher Whitney Kilgore, PhD, chats with Stacy Craft about what Care Theory is and why it matters as well as how to integrate caring into our individual educational strategies as well as on a broader scale.

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