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Humor & Pedagogy: Funny is Not a 4 Letter Word… it’s 5 (EP:06)

Humor & Pedagogy: Funny is Not a Four Letter Word… it’s 5 (EP:06)
With Suzi Mazzenga, MSIT

Humor activates our sense of wonder, which is where learning begins. Then, why does humor get a cold shoulder in education? Mounting research continues to support that integrating positive humor into education improves learning outcomes in pretty powerful ways. For the love of whimsy! – let’s get to the bottom of this! In this episode, humor and education aficionado Suzi Mazzenga chats with Stacy Craft about the art of making learners laugh – exploring everything from why laughter works, tips for getting started, to an interesting story about a tap dancing science teacher with a message.

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