Co-Occurrence #5 – AI is Here to Stay: Hype, Humanity, and Health Professions Education (EP.28)

Co-Occurrence #5 – AI is Here to Stay: Hype, Humanity, and Health Professions Education (EP.28)
With Eric Gantwerker, MD, MMSc (MedEd), FACS, AFAMEE 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only transforming the field of medicine, but also the way we learn and teach it. In fact, AI is evolving the world of all education professionals, both inside and outside of health professions. In this episode, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell  Associate Professor of Otolaryngology  and Pediatric Otolaryngologist at Northwell Health, Eric Gantwerker, MD,  shares his insights on how AI is reshaping medical education, from the basics to the cutting-edge, from the classroom to the clinic, and from the individual to the collective. Our discussion also explores a variety of important topics including how AI can enhance our learning experiences, foster our creativity, and personalize our learning paths as well as discussions on how to  address the challenges and opportunities that AI brings, such as ethical, social, and technical issues.

This episode is the fifth installment of our limited series, “Co-Occurrence,” featuring conversations exploring AI and related technologies as well as possible, probably and actual impacts on education. From discussions around what we know, what we hope for, and what is happening concretely today – this limited series will give you some things to ponder and actionable takeaways.

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Audio Editor: Jaquan Leonard

Special Thanks to Elissa Hall, Ed.D. and Adria Hoffman Ph.D.

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