Building Memory with Science and Senses – Put on Your Thinking Cap (EP:19)

Stella Collins PortraitBuilding Memory with Science and Senses – Put on Your Thinking Cap (EP:19) 
With  Stella Collins, MSc. 

Creating effective learning can be complicated – from our biology to our environment, there are a lot of elements that influence outcomes. And how can we get our learners curious anyway, especially in our increasingly digital spaces? Grab a hat and put it on (we mean it…. we’ll wait while you go get it)  because in this episode, celebrated author and science-based learning thinker, Stella Collins, joins Stacy Craft to explore learning and the brain, memory, the powers of sensory experiences, avoiding stagnation, community, and why there is a group of people who think “Brains!” when they bite into a bar of chocolate. We also take time to unpack the LEARNS strategy for designing and providing education that people will remember.

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