Learning Styles – Unpacking the Myth (EP:12)

Dr. Tesia MarshikLearning Styles – Unpacking the Myth (EP:12)
With Tesia Marshik, PhD.

Let’s talk about learning styles! The idea that we learn better in our “preferred learning style” is pretty pervasive and has become part of popular culture. Scores of consumer sites sell and promote various examples and models, urging people to “find your learning style”. But, is there any evidence to support this? As educators, do we have a duty to follow the science? Join Stacy Craft and Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Tesia Marshik as they unpack the learning styles neuromyth, the culture around this popular idea, why it is harmful and how to persevere to create quality effective educational experiences that still allow learners to reflect on how they learn.

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